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Most people are now aware that there are many medications available to help with psychological problems. These medications can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or psychosis. Many people I see in therapy have misgivings about taking medication. Sometimes they are concerned about the side effects. Some people worry that if they take medication they somehow won't feel responsible for their own progress. Some people worry that they will always have to be on medication. Some people tell me, "I just don't like taking pills."

Research consistently shows that people with significant psychological problems benefit most from a combination of medication and therapy. This is because medication can help a person feel more in control and less overwhelmed by their problems, which then makes it easier for them to do the work of therapy. In other words, medication can help reduce the symptoms, while therapy hopefully will work to solve the underlying problem which caused the symptoms in the first place.

The decision to try medications is always based on each person's unique situation. I rarely believe that medication is necessary for therapy to be beneficial. However, given the safety of most drugs currently in use today and their demonstrated effectiveness, there are many clients for whom I believe medication can be helpful. We can discuss together whether or not medications may be helpful for you.