Anthony Ragusea, PsyD, MSCP, ABPP

Licensed Psychologist


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Services provided

• Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy to address a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and relational issues.
Video-based psychotherapy (because of complicated laws around licensure, I may not be able to treat you depending on where you are located. Please contact me to see if this service is possible and appropriate for you.)
• Psychological assessments including the assessment of:
⁃ cognitive problems including memory
⁃ emotional and personality issues
⁃ learning disorders
⁃ problems of attention and concentration
⁃ intellectual ability
Just what do all those letters in your name mean, exactly?

Glad you asked! There are three sets of alphabet soup letters at the end of my name, PsyD, MSCP, and ABPP. Most people outside of psychology have no idea what they mean. Here’s what they represent:

  • PsyD means “Doctor of Psychology.” Traditionally, the PsyD degree was intended to be a more practice-focused degree and less research-focused than the PhD. Nowadays there’s less of a difference as many PhD programs are more designed to trained practitioners than academics. Either degree is required before becoming licensed as a psychologist.
  • MSCP means “Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology.” This is a special post-graduate degree intended for people already trained as psychologists. The degree signifies specialized knowledge in the understanding and use of medications to treat mental illnesses (also called psychotropic medications). It is a prerequisite in those states in the US that permit psychologists to prescribe medications.
  • ABPP means “American Board of Professional Psychology.” These letters are used to signify that a psychologist has earned the right to be called a specialist in some field of psychology, in my case that is clinical psychology. Board certification by the ABPP is an optional process that most psychologists do not choose to pursue, and it requires the demonstration of high levels of competence in a chosen field.
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